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What is Screenwriting Kids Inner Circle?

Hey there! 

I'm Debbie, the host of this private community where we bring together aspiring screenwriters ages 
10 to 17 to master the art of storytelling, workshop their writing in a supportive community, and receive professional coaching so that they can become successful screenwriters who understand how to create deeply meaningful screenplays that win awards and launch careers!

After over a decade of working as a professional screenwriting coach for kids, I created the Screenwriting Kids Inner Circle as a fun way to help passionate young writers learn and grow together in their shared love of screenwriting, unlocking their story brilliance in a non-judgemental space where they can acquire the skills they need to become award-winning screenwriters.

I am so honored to bring together the next generation of amazing screenwriters, helping them to get their important stories out into the world. 

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Wishing you Happy Writing!

The Screenwriting Kids Inner Circle is a place where great writing can be done. 

Our unique community offers members access to self-paced online writing workshops, live story development training, special writing & film events PLUS all the fun that comes with being part of a supportive online community of young writers who share common goals and interests--rooting for each other to complete their awesome screenplays--in the shortest time possible! 

In this community, we activate young writers to boost their creativity & productivity to get their screenplays from Fade In: to The End so they can get their work seen and produced

We have super fun daily, weekly, and monthly activities that all lead to a portfolio of awesome screenplays by the end of the year. Because one screenplay is never enough. Serious screenwriters need a body of work that shows they have the writing chops to make it in the industry.

And we help young writers make that happen!

Here's some of the stuff that's inside: to help talented young writers next-level their storytelling skills so they can write amazing screenplays for short films + connect with other young aspiring screenwriters + receive support from a former Disney writer (and major movie studio script reader) to empower them to write screenplays that stand a chance of winning screenwriting competitions so they can get the exposure they need to launch their screenwriting career.

Just as kids/teens can be professional actors--they can also be professional screenwriters. 

Little known FACT: there are kids and teens who are professional screenwriters\filmmakers.

Mind-blowing, right???

Our mission is to create the next generation of amazing screenwriters (ages 10 to 17) who want to make a positive impact in the world with their stories.

Kids and teens don't have to be adults in order to achieve their screenwriting/filmmaking dreams.

Here, writers will finally get that screenplay, they can't seem to finish--done! 

And not done so their screenplays can live on their laptops, but done in a way where their writing is ready to present to the world. 

 “Writing is a marathon, not a sprint.”

– Robert McKee

Join Us!

A HUGE thanks for stopping by. Feel free to send any questions to me at [email protected]

Hope to see you inside our community where young writers get the help, tools, and support they need to prepare for their professional screenwriting success!

Debbie has a deep passion to help young writers meet their fullest potential as skilled screenwriters who can tell meaningful stories in a powerful way.

Since 2008, Debbie has been a screenwriting coach to kids and teens who are passionate about becoming professional screenwriters. 

Debbie's a former Disney writer and was a television writer for ABC Family. Debbie has an MFA in Creative Writing and loves reading twisty thrillers, taking long walks while listening to audiobooks, eating at her fav Brazilian restaurant, and taking in the beachy vibes of her Los Angeles community.

We are building the next generation of awesome screenwriters! 

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